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The UK exclusive MOD design and Mahogany models are exciting additions to the existing and well established range of Hofner Verythin guitars.


For 2016, the MOD design Verythin model encapsulates the very essence of British musical heritage, combining the traditional Hofner Verythin guitar body shape popularised in the 60ís British Invasion era with an offset Red, White and Blue target graphic design over a pristine, white body. The spruce topped, ultra-thin body features Hofner Humbucker pickups capable of producing tones ranging from deep gutsy blues through to cutting distorted rock.

Just SIXTY have been made - how appropriate!

A genuine Bigsby tremolo unit complements the classic appearance, while a spruce centre block enhances sustain and tone, while reducing on-stage feedback. The Verythin MOD is available now from GB Music for £599.


The new Verythin Mahogany model features an all Mahogany construction with black hardware, rosewood fingerboard and two Hofner Humbucker pickups. Available now from GB Music for £299, it offers guitarists a stylish, lightweight guitar that produces the distinctive tone of a semi-acoustic at an amazing price.


MOD £649 (above)

 UK MAHOGANY £299 (below)


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