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Remember to be sure you're talking pure RMS (not just 'peak' or 'max' power like many others)

There are a multitude of different ways and types, just as there are a multitude of different performers and styles .

If you are looking to buy, then please come and chat to us about how it all works and what you need to set up a PA the way you want to use it.






We like to fully endorse items we sell. We are proud to say that nearly all our live sound and DJ sound systems used in the last 10 years are HK Audio. Not cheap, but very reliable. UK sourced, voltage regulated for the UK - some other items will run hot - leading to problems. We supply HK Audio with a full 5 year UK based warranty.



PVDM112 Peavey Dark Matter Powered Enclosure 112    (115 and Sub Models also available)

In 1975, Peavey revolutionized the working man's loudspeaker with the SP®1. Now, Peavey does it again with the Dark Matter series of enclosures. Thanks to its new advanced DSP-equipped power section, the high-S.P.L. (Sound Pressure Level) Dark Matter series outperforms any existing enclosure in its category. The Dark Matter LCD display and associated selector knob allow users to choose various parameters of operation for the DSP-based EQ. This includes bass and treble control access, as well as EQ presets for different applications or speaker positions/locations. These presets provide users with a highly flexible method of configuring the powered speaker system for a specific use with minimal time and effort. Fan cooled for maximum reliability, the DM 112 features Peavey's exclusive Quadratic Throat Waveguide™ technology that helps deliver pristine, precise sound. The ultra-reliable Dark Matter series enclosures are built tough with steel grilles and rugged injection molded cabinets. Their convenient design allows for use as floor monitors or pole-mounted speakers. Perfect for band, DJ or other musical applications, the Dark Matter enclosures produce crystal clear professional audio.

Nominal sensitivity (1W @1M, swept sine input in anechoic environment): 96 dB (average)
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (1 meter): 124 dB SPL
peak with music Radiation Angle measured at -6 dB point of polar response: Nominal: 110 degrees horizontal X 80 degrees vertical (Axis of the vertical main polar lobe is angled down 10 degrees, resulting in the angular pattern with respect to straight ahead being +30, -50 degrees) Transducer Complement: Heavy-duty 12” woofer with 1 1/2” voice coil & 32 oz. magnet DX™14 1.4” titanium diaphragm dynamic compression driver

Thanks to their advanced DSP-equipped power section, the high-S.P.L. Dark Matter™ enclosures deliver best-in-class performance! These enclosures are perfect for band, DJ or other musical applications.

The LCD display and associated selector knob (push to select) allow selection of various parameters of operation for the DSP based EQ. Bass & Treble control access,

EQ Presets for different applications or speaker position / location. These provide a flexible method of configuring the powered speaker system for a specific and particular use, without a lot of time and effort on the part of the user. Good performance and sound are much easier to achieve, with little or no need for additional EQ at the mixer board.


Two-way bi-amplified analog amp-powered speaker system • 12" heavy-duty woofer • DX™14 compression driver, with 1.4" titanium diaphragm • Fan cooled for maximum reliability • On-board advanced DSP with LCD • Patented Quadratic Throat Waveguide™ technology, 110 by 80 degree coverage • Input is via a combo female XLR and 1/4" TRS phone jack with balanced input • A Mic/Line switch provides for two different gain settings • Thru output is via a male XLR jack • Rugged plastic injection-moulded trapezoidal enclosure • Cabinet has rear corner angled sides for floor monitor use • Full-coverage perforated steel grilles, with powder coat finish • Pole mount moulded-in for 1 3/8" diameter poles. Dimensions (HxWxD): 25.13” x 14.63” x 14.38” 638mm x 372mm x 365mm / Weight: 37lbs / 16.78kg
Fender Passport Conference - Ex Demo condition (Price New £305, this one £199)  
An all-in-one public address system with amplifier, mixer and speakers for quick and easy setup.
Revoiced for clarity and range across a variety of applications, from spoken word to small gigs and more

Excellent condition complete with a Microphone and Cable.

We're unsure if this has ever been used,

but honesty forces us to sell it at a hefty discount!

Try Our Dropdown Menu                                                                                              Phone 0779 5566801



Bear in mind you can also use most active wedge monitors for direct input - from a Mic or Keyboard even a Bass Guitar.
Plug in, control locally and send a link to the desk for the main PA. Of course if you want a mix of various channels you'll need to use it the traditional way unless there are multiple inputs (as with the HK Dart or Linear 5)

Make sure when you buy that the item is rated 240v - some mainland Europe items are 220v or 230v and may run hot - leading to problems.
Our items are all suitable for 240v UK mains use
Studio / Home Monitors - Keyboards / Recording /  
We can supply a variety of Monitors from Kursweil, Samson, Behringer and others  
Samson Powered Monitors with Bluetooth connectivity  
Samson's MediaOne BT3 Active Studio Monitors are the ideal speakers for all your multimedia needs and feature the ability to connect to your smart phone, laptop or tablet via Bluetooth. Whether you're listening to music, producing tracks, watching videos or gaming, these monitors provide dynamic and reliable audio. MediaOne BT3 monitors feature the highest quality components, a stylish new look and are packaged as a stereo pair.

MediaOne BT3 monitors produce 15 watts per channel RMS and 30 watts per channel Peak of full-range audio. Their 3" copolymer woofers deliver a controlled low frequency response, while their 1" silk dome tweeters give the high frequencies a natural sound without unwanted noise. Each rear-vented, precision-tuned port enclosure is finished in an all-black satin vinyl covering with matching metal grills for the woofers and tweeters, assuring these monitors look as good as they sound.

Using Bluetooth, you can easily pair this system with your smart phone, laptop or tablet, and listen to your music, videos and other media applications through MediaOne BT3 monitors without wires. The Bluetooth pairing button can be found on the active speaker's rear control panel, along with the system's RCA inputs, passive monitor terminals and an AC power connector. In addition, the front panel houses an LED indicator, level control, as well as both a headphone output and stereo input. The 3.5mm stereo input can be used to connect secondary signal sources such as MP3 players, keyboards and more.  £75 for the PAIR

Behringer Powered Monitors  

Behringer B1030A Active Studio Monitors (Single)

High-Resolution, Active 2 Way Reference Studio Monitor with 5.25" Kevlar Woofer. (priced and sold individually).

High-precision crossover network with 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters Adjustable to a wide range of acoustic conditions Separately controlled limiter for low and high frequency overload protection Magnetic shielding allows placement near computer monitors "Planet Earth" power supply for maximum flexibility (100 - 240 V), noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy saving Servo-balanced inputs with XLR, 1/4" and unbalanced RCA connectors High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

(Priced and Sold Individually) £129.95

Ultra-linear studio monitor with true active design Precision Class A/B amplifiers with active protection circuits: 50 W for LF/25 W for HF Ultra-high resolution, ferrofluid-cooled 1" dome tweeter for ultimate sound reproduction Ultimate dispersion characteristics and extremely large "sweet spot" owing to advanced wave guide technology Long-throw 5.25 inch woofer with deformation-resistant Kevlar cone for ultimate bass response

Depth (mm): 280 Height (mm): 290 Width (mm): 195 Product Dimensions (mm): 290x195x280 Net weight (kg): 5.5

Frequency Response 50 - 20000 Hz Nominal Impedance 10 Ohm Crossover Frequency 4300Hz

Behringer B1031A Active Studio Monitors (Single)

The Behringer TRUTH B1031A is a high-resolution 2-way active reference studio monitor with a long-throw 8" kevlar woofer that delivers a very neutral sound with an extremely flat frequency response.

The Behringer Truth B1031A features servo-balanced XLR / 1/4" TRS jack and unbalanced RCA inputs. The B1031A includes built-in Class A/B 100 and 50 Watt amplifiers with enormous power plus separately controlled limiters for low and high frequency overload protection. Tight, deep bass is provided by a long-throw 8" kevlar woofer, while a ferrofluid-cooled 1" dome tweeter for ultimate sound reproduction. The B1031A also features the advanced Behringer wave guide technology and low-distortion active crossover network with 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters, producing an absolutely linear phase response with excellent sound dispersion and stereo imaging together with an extremely large sweet spot. The B1031A is adjustable to a wide range of acoustic conditions or subwoofer combinations and magnetic shielding allows placement near computer/video monitors.

(Priced and Sold Individually) £161.00

Ultra-linear studio monitor with true active design Precision Class A/B amplifiers with active protection circuits 100 W for LF / 50 W for HF Ultra-high resolution 1 silk dome tweeter for ultimate sound reproduction Long-throw 8 woofer with deformation-resistant Kevlar cone for ultimate bass response Ultimate dispersion characteristics and extremely large sweet spot owing to advanced wave guide technology High-precision crossover network with 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters Adjustable to a wide range of acoustic conditions Separately controlled limiter for low and high frequency overload protection Magnetic shielding allows placement near computer monitors Planet Earth power supply for maximum flexibility (100 - 240 V~), noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy saving Servo-balanced inputs with XLR, 1/4 and unbalanced RCA connectors Dimensions 15.47 x 10.51 x 11.61 (393 x 261 x 295mm) Weight 24.91lbs (11.3kg)

Frequency Range: 35Hz-20kHz Crossover Frequency: 2.5kHz Maximum Peak SPL: 113 dB

Personal and Stage Performance Moniors  
B205D Speaker Active 150watt

Personal Monitor (can fit on a Mic stand)

Can also be used as a personal mixer then out to the PA, or as an intimate PA setup


Behringer Powered Monitors  


Low angle profile for
Closer monitoring

Feedback filter

Dual use with
pole socket
for small PA use


250watt Bi-Amped
Active powered




Behringer F1220D Bi-Amped 250-Watt Monitor Speaker System
with 12" Woofer, 3" Tweeter and Feedback Filter
Building on the legacy of our wildly successful EUROLIVE F1220A, we are proud to present the even more powerful EUROLIVE F1220D. This 250-Watt active monitor system features a 3-band EQ, so you can tweak the Highs, Mids and Lows for a clear, true sense of your performance; a long- excursion 12" woofer for punchy and deep bass, and a high-performance 3" high-frequency compression driver for the ultimate in sound quality. And thanks to the Class-D technology we employed in the onboard 250-Watt amplifier, the F1220D weighs less than most passive monitor wedges (23.6 lbs/10.7 kg), making them easy to transport and set up. The built-in adjustable feedback filter helps eliminate annoying squeals and howls so you can crank up the volume, allowing you to hear yourself above all the raging chaos, a.k.a., your band! After all, the main reason to have a monitor is so you can hear yourself, right? The EUROLIVE F1220D helps you perform up to your true potential.
  • Lightweight 250-Watt 2-way monitor speaker system for live and playback applications
  • Exceptional sound quality, wide frequency bandwidth and dynamic range
  • True bi-amping mode with 2 amplifiers for ultimate sound reproduction
  • Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-light weight
  • Adjustable feedback filter and integrated limiter for ultimate system control and speaker protection
Behringer Powered Monitors  

300watt Bi-Amped
Active Powered



We also have some second Hand examples
- very minor hire use - £179.00

Behringer EUROLIVE F1320D Active 300 Watt 2 Way Monitor Speaker System with 12" Woofer
This 300 Watt active monitor system has its own 3 band EQ and dedicated volume knob, so you not only have control of the output, but you can tweak the highs, mids and lows for a clear, true sense of your performance. And thanks to the Class D technology, the F1320D weighs less than 40 lbs (18 kg), making them easy to transport and set up. The built-in adjustable feedback filter helps eliminate annoying squeals and howls so you can crank the volume.
•Ultra low noise Mic/Line input with Volume control and Clip LED •Dedicated 3 band EQ for perfect sound shaping •Extremely powerful 12" long-excursion driver provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power •High resolution 1" HF driver for exceptional high frequency reproduction •Proprietary horn design for ultra wide sound dispersion •Internal switch mode power supply for noise-free audio, superior transient response and very low power consumption •Integrated 35 mm pole socket for stand mounting and use as PA system •High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
Behringer Passive Monitors  

capable of handling 600watt max at PEAK


Behringer Black 600 W EUROLIVE VS1220F PA Speaker with 12" Woofer
Capable of handling input levels up to 600 Watts, the EUROLIVE VS1220F floor monitor delivers exceptional sound quality. The powerful 12" long excursion driver cranks out big tone in the bottom end and mid-range, while the wave guide mounted electro-dynamic HF (High-Frequency) drivers output crisp, detailed highs. The VS1220F's wide frequency bandwidth and extensive dynamic range make it ideal for a multitude of stage monitor applications.
  • Elliptical wave guide design for ultra-wide sound dispersion
  • Wedge shaped enclosure for perfectly aligned "sweet spot"
  • Ergonomically shaped handle for easy transport
  • Rugged steel grille for optimal speaker protection
  • 2 professional 1/4" jack connectors
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
• High performance 600 Watt 2 way floor monitor (150 W Continuous / 600 W Peak Power)
• Exceptional sound quality, wide frequency bandwidth and dynamic range
• Extremely powerful 12" long-excursion driver provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power
• Proprietary dual electro-dynamic drivers for exceptional high-frequency reproduction
• Overload-protection circuitry ensures optimal HF driver protection
Colour Black
Dimensions (mm) 430x440x575
Weight (kg) 15.5
Crossover Frequency (Hz) 3.5
Impedance (Ohm) 8
Peak Music Power (W) 600
Frequency Response (Hz) 60-20k
HK Audio Monitors - 5yr warranty - this is the starting point for these brilliant Monitors We can supply the whole HK Audio Range - so please talk to us...
PR:O 10 XD

This truly multifunctional cab gets the job done nicely as a satellite, as a compact 10"/1" fullrange cabinet, or as a low-profile stage monitor. Its balanced frequency response defeats feedback and the Music/ Speech knob tunes the unit for the given application. The integrated DSP-based power circuitry delivers 1,200 watts. And all this makes the PR:O 10 XD a powerful and flexible sound reinforcement tool.

  • Application options: As standalone fullrange speakers, in combination with PR:O 18 A and PR: O 210 A subwoofers, and as low-profile stage monitors
  • 1,200 watt class-D bi-amped
  • DSP for plug-n-play handling without complicated layered menus
  • Integrated control over EQ, X-over, limiter and more functions
  • Flat / Boost EQ presets
  • Tone knob for quick Music / Speech voicing adjustments
  • FIR X-over
  • Custom-designed speakers
  • 90° x 55° wide-beam CD horn for optimum sound
  • Rugged, roadworthy housing tuned to deliver 131 dB SPL and punchy bass response
  • Modular mix-n-match design for versatile use (fullrange, 2.1, half-stack and full-stack systems)
  • M8 rigging points for easy installation
  • Made in Germany
  • 5-year warranty

RRP £560 GB Music £460.00

In Ear System  

16-channel PLL UHF stereo in-ear monitoring system to enable a performer to hear a monitor mix directly via in-ear headphones. Eliminates the need for stage monitors and delivers faultless foldback with freedom of movement. Also, any number of beltpacks can receive from a single transmitter, allowing groups to use this system for conference, training and translation applications.

UHF 16-channel PLL synthesized Backlit LCD display on transmitter & receiver Stereo or Mono operation Rack ear or rear mounted BNC antenna

Professional in-ear headphones included Additional wired headphone output (6.3mm jack) Balanced line inputs (2 x combo) 19" rack mounting kit included

Carrier frequencies 863.1 - 864.9MHz (16 channels) Frequency stability 0.005% PLL RF output power 30mW Bandwidth 24MHz S/N ratio >105dB THD <0.4% @ 1kHz Frequency response : ±3dB 40Hz - 16kHz Max. range 50m Power supply : transmitter 12-18Vdc, 300mA (adaptor included) Settings : transmitter Group (1), channel, lock, power, mono/stereo Controls : transmitter Power, set, up/down, input level, phones volume, pad Dimensions : transmitter 44 x 210 x 175mm Connections: Transmitter DC in, antenna (BNC), combo input L + R, phones out Weight : transmitter 1.05g Power supply : beltpack receiver 3Vdc (2 x AA batteries supplied) Controls : beltpack receiver On / volume, esc, up/down, set Settings : beltpack receiver Balance, group (1), channel, lock Connections: beltpack receiver 3.5mm stereo jack Dimensions : beltpack receiver 110 x 65 x 25mm Weight : beltpack receiver 98g (no battery)

Studio / Home Monitors - Keyboards / Recording /  
We can supply a variety of Monitors from Kursweil, Samson, Behringer and others  


Gamma Active specialist - 10" 250watt, 12" 300watt, 15" 400watt active - These speakers knock spots off the competition. Often copied and emulated but check the rating of the competition! 

Other options include passive with separate amps, mixers + other ranges of speakers if you need them! 

Gamma - The Originals and the ones everyone copied!
10/250 £239.00 ea - EX DEMO STOCK

Excellent condition - powerful for size!
Recent copies are nowhere near as powerful



A pair of robust steel stands with lockable height adjustment.
Can support large speakers with 35mm top hats. Supplied with a heavy duty carry bag.
•Maximum load 35kg                                                      
•35mmØ pole
•Height adjustable from 1.0m to 1.9m                                                        £42.00



Behringer X32 Digital Mixer Range - We can supply!

PH8200 Traditional Powered Mixer style, 8ch 200W but with mp3 player USB socket, effects, 5 channel master EQ

<- 8 channel 200watt system: £210

(there is also a 4 channel
75watt system: £Call

Match the above mixer with the 12" 200watt cabs below
- at these crazy low prices you can be out there doing it on a very small budget!

Try Our Dropdown Menu             or A-Z Index                                                                                        Phone 0779 5566801
Mini Powered Karaoke style through to Busker  
I know, it's hardly a PA, but it's a speaker and a radio mic + plus Bluetooth and radio! and it's just £79 including the mic!



Rechargeable battery powered


SD Card


+ Radio Microphone

ALL for £79

Look no further for a portable powerful Bluetooth speaker, which is ideal for house gatherings and parties, kid’s rooms and even festivals.

Play your music direct from your smartphone or tablet using the Bluetooth function and you can even sing along using the handheld wireless microphone.

Not only does it have Bluetooth connectivity, but you can also listen to audio from the built-in FM radio, the USB/TF (micro SD) media inputs or the Aux line input (3.5mm jack) to stream your music.

Power this great speaker by either mains or the integral rechargeable battery, which lasts up to 10 hours on one charge. You can take this great little speaker anywhere using the integrated carry handle or additional shoulder strap providing the ultimate in portability.Wireless VHF microphone included

Bluetooth wireless operation allowing connection to your portable devices 5.25" Full range speaker provides great sound quality and 30W RMS output Wireless VHF microphone included Built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge FM radio - USB/TF (micro SD) media inputs Aux line input (3.5mm jack) Wired microphone socket (6.35mm jack) Comes supplied with remote control and shoulder strap


integral USB media player




here to help....
NOW Just £189.00 !!!



Self-contained PA unit with a compact PP moulded cabinet in a desktop format. Built-in USB/SD/FM player and dual handheld VHF microphone system make this a comprehensive solution for tasks as diverse as classroom activities, meetings and singing rehearsal. Mains or internal re-chargeable battery operation and very manageable size enable this unique product to be used practically anywhere.

•Mains/rechargeable operation •Echo effect for microphones •2 x VHF handheld microphones included •Integral holsters for handheld transmitters
•Integral USB/SD/FM media player •Powerful 50W output •Optional neckworn transmitter available - 174.1MHz (178.851UK) and 175.0MHz (178.852UK)
Power supply 110-240Vac, 50/60Hz, 12Vdc or internal battery (Battery life Up to 8 hours)
HF driver 2 x 25mmØ balanced dome
LF Driver 200mm (8") reinforced paper cone
Output power 50Wrms / SNR 85dB
Construction Injection-moulded polypropylene
Power supply : Handheld transmitters 9Vdc (PP3 battery) each
Wireless microphone frequencies 174.1MHz + 175.0MHz
Frequency response : Mic 40Hz - 15kHz
Dimensions 380 x 295 x 220mm Weight 7.2kg 

Stunning Value
at only


JUST £189




Complete portable PA unit in a stylish cabinet.
Built-in amplifier operating from mains or internal rechargeable battery powering a main driver and compression driven horn unit.

2 x VHF handheld wireless microphones are included with the receiver built into the rear panel along with 2 further mic inputs, auxiliary line input, musical instrument input and Bluetooth receiver.

Internal audio source is provided by an integral USB/SD/FM media player.

A moulded handle and pole stand mount are included and a retractable trolley handle and rear wheels provide easy portability.



2 x VHF handheld microphones included + additional wired and bluetooth inputs
Echo effect for microphones
Integral USB/SD/FM media player
Bluetooth receiver
Built-in trolley facility with extendable handle
Switchable Microphone 'voice-over' Function

12" 80w rms (Peak is twice this) 94db £179 (Out of stock)
15" 100w rms (Peak or Max is twice this) 96db £209 


Mic stand, guitar, aluminium box etc and musician not included :)


Kinsman Busker amp - Mains or Rechargeable Battery    

15 watt · Battery-powered · 2 Channel Kinsman 15 Watt battery or mains powered Busker Amplifier

15 W rms 8" Speaker DC Operation with Equipped Rechargeable Battery & DC Socket

Operational While Charging On AC or DC Power Supply
Battery Life: 2 Hours at Full Power Output, 4 Hours at Normal Playing Condition
Microphone Channel: Hi & Lo Input, Level and Tone Controls
Instrument Channel: Hi Input. Gain, 3-Band EQ, Level Controls, Boost Switch
Headphone Jack - AC/ DC Power Mode Select Switch
Dimensions: 359W x 298H x 283D mm Weight: 8.3 Kgs
Rugged Cabinet with Metal Grille Rubber Feet on 3 Sides for Different Operational Positions

List £160

GB Music £139



QR ACTIVE Speakers 8"    £69ea
Woofer 200mm (8'')
Amplifier output power : rms 40W
Amplifier output power : max. 60W
Power handling : speaker max. 80W

QR ACTIVE Speakers 10"    £75ea
Woofer 250mm (10'')
Amplifier output power : rms 40W
Amplifier output power : max. 60W
Power handling : speaker max. 200W




QTX 12" 250watt

Versatile and good quality

Ideal for Parties,
Small Discos or
Vocal PA / Band use...

Jack, XLR and Phono Inputs

You might not need a mixer!

Just £169

We like these!

Adastra 100v Line speaker system  
  Many 100v line amplifiers available from leading brands - pop in to discuss

 If you need outdoor event PA you used to have 100v horns that sounded as good as two cans on a piece of string.

We can supply full range speakers that are still weatherproof still 100v line but play music as well as announcements.

And it comes from the long established Adastra company.

Now that's nice...

     ...pop in for a chat about what you need!

Installation Sound System - Shop, Restaurant, Office, Community Centre etc
Kit contains 4 x circular, white, 100 V ceiling speakers (adjustable 6 W, 3 W and 1.5 W settings), high quality dynamic handheld microphone, 100 m cable hank and a 30 W mixer amp.

Auxiliary inputs on the amplifier for background music player and there are separate controls for MIC1, MIC2, Auxiliary, With a three way frequency equalizer (tone controls) and an overall master control.

Complete system £185.00


Multicore / Stage Box / Snake [CLICK HERE]

MONITORS - We often have a range of Second Hand Monitors - just give us a call! - 0779 5566801


What's a Watt, RMS Peak or Pink? - mostly it's there to confuse us! A speaker sounds different to another for MANY reasons. Quality components and construction is of course vital. After that comes the efficiency of the system, (how much air it moves and how it moves it) - therefore how much sound it makes before distortion. That's why you can largely forget 'watts' because they can be expressed so many different ways and used efficiently or inefficiently.

Even inefficient power is a red herring as older systems often produce those watts at a higher impedance (so the system is not being pushed so hard). Ohms is impedance. How much the power is impeded / wasted or used lavishly to get the warmth that some might consider gratuitous! 16ohms could be considered opulent, and 2ohms super efficient. Check your old 100watt amp. How much electricity does it use... maybe 400watts? It could be a pile of rubbish or  something that uses different technology and you prefer the tone. 
Lets confuse things even more... valves versus solid state... a 100watts valve amp will cream a 100watts solid state amp for loudness...
You might say '
no point in having a 10litre engine going flat out at 100mph, if a 1 Litre high tech engine can get there quicker, without being pushed too hard, and using less juice to do it' - unless that's what you want because it looks, feels and sounds good. Getting the idea a little bit now?

So now we are more confused! Well, why not forget all the above. It doesn't matter so much - what really counts is does it sound good?
Check the SPL and DB - sound pressure level and decibels (how loud it is). NOTE: 'peak' is a momentary level, the normal level will be lower.
Speaker style, position and dispersion will impact how the overall sound is delivered.
Poorly positioned speakers will actually cancel themselves out to some extent! So get an engineer if it's a bigger gig!

You are best to consider how well it is made, what confidence the manufacturer has (guarantee / warrantee).
Lastly the tone (frequencies) that make up the maximum decibels will still have an impact on the sound you hear.
Some frequencies have more impact than others, which alters the tone and balance of sound you hear.
A tiny cabinet that's labelled 1000watts can not be as loud and nice to listen to as a combined system of a 1000watts.
They may not be lying, but they are certainly stretching the truth, and confusing watt our pink little peaks can understand along the way!

You'll get away with using most of what is out there to use these days - basically, it works or it doesn't; but guaranteed quality that sounds half decent and lasts for years is bound to cost a bit more. Obvious really eh? You pays your money and takes your choice :)

Nice / geeky explanation of power watts ratings etc (external link)

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